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B.S. in Computer Science Degree Requirements

The B.S. in Computer Science is based on a flexible set of degree requirements that allows students to use a greater breadth of CS courses to complete the degree.

These web pages provide details about the BS requirements. If you have questions, you may visit the CS Undergraduate Advising Center (ACE) during posted hours, or contact upd@cs.umass.edu.

Major Changes into CS are by application only.  If you are interested in joining our major, submit your application.  If you have questions after reviewing the process, please contact the appropriate list on our Contact Us With Your Questions page.

Finally, students completing the Computer Science BS (or BA) and a Math major or minor will find some helpful advice on this page.

BS Requirements

Revised BS in Computer Science (effective September 2016)

The Faculty Senate approved the Revised BS in Computer Science curriculum which became effective in September 2016.

Tracking forms are informal descriptions of the programs that are for guidance only, and they do not define official policy.  See Academic Requirements Report (ARR) on SPIRE.