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OPT for Graduate Students

Optional Practical Training (OPT) For CICS Graduate students

OPT is a benefit for F-1 students and provides for an initial 12-months of off-campus work authorization in their field of study in the United States. International students who have been enrolled full-time for a minimum of one academic year (considered to be 9-months or two full semesters) are eligible. 

UMass' International Programs Office (IPO) is a tremendous resource and can aid students in applying for OPT.  IPO's OPT website has information regarding OPT workshops, presentations, and vital information. Please, start your OPT processes at the IPO website

Who is the Academic Authority for CICS Graduate Students?

For ALL CICS graduate students, both MS and PhD, Elizabeth Parolski, MS Academic Advisor, is the academic authority. 

Please list Elizabeth on the OPT application as the academic authority. All of Elizabeth's contact information can be found here.

Elizabeth is used for PhD students' OPT applications. Do not list your chair/advisor. Elizabeth Parolski is the Academic Authority. 

Elizabeth is used for MS students' OPT applications.

Where can I find all the regulations and rules for OPT?

The IPO OPT website has all of the rules, requirements, and regulations that govern OPT.

Is there an OPT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource?

Yes! The IPO OPT website has a very thorough FAQ section and resource.