Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Faculty/ Staff

in the event you are concerned about a student



CICS Student of Concern Form  



In the case of urgent threats to harm themselves or others:

  • Call 911
  • Call the UMass Police Department (413) 545-3111

The “Maroon Folder” also provides important guidance on where to go for serious concerns about students




For Behavioral Health Advice and Consultation:

  • Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH) (413) 545-2337
  • CCPH After Hours hotline: (877) 831-7421


Graduate Students

All non-emergency student support requests should be sent to Eileen Hamel. If the concern warrants, Eileen Hamel and Elizabeth Parolski will establish a care team made up of all relevant staff or faculty to determine appropriate support. They may submit a Dean of Students Student Support Referral as well.  

All emergency situations should be directed to UMPD.


Undergraduate Students

All CICS students are assigned a specific CICS advisor, who provides frequent check-ins and support. CICS Advisors can also help answer your questions and respond to your concerns. The referral methods below can provide specific support for academic and non-academic concerns:


Academic Alert:


This university-wide program uses Navigate, our advising platform, to centralize support for undergraduate students experiencing challenges in their courses. Instructors are prompted to assess students at specific times in the semester, but can also issue an “alert” at any time. Students receive an initial automated response, including resources specific to their “alert” and all CICS undergraduates receive additional direct outreach from their CICS advisor. CICS Advisors are then able to refer students to academic and personal coaching, tutoring, and other helpful resources. Note that students in other majors may be advised differently according to the practices of their college.


Dean of Students Student Support Request & Referral


The Dean of Students referral form is primarily used in situations where Academic Alert is inappropriate, such as situations where you are concerned about the mental or physical wellbeing of a student. Their website provides guidance on nuances of these referrals, but please note that you can contact Alicia Clemente (abclemente [at] umass.edu) or Jack Wileden (jack [at] cs.umass.edu) at any time for guidance on specific students and how to address your concerns. CICS Advising is also able to refer a student using this form, when appropriate.


CICS Advising Students of Concern form (undergraduates):


This form can be used or all non-emergency student support requests when you don’t know where else to turn. It is not staffed 24 hours a day, and therefore not appropriate in emergency situations, but is otherwise the equivalent of reaching out to CICS Advising to ask for help with a student concern.

OTHER Resources

The Dean of Students' office can offer support for students and has its own Student Support Request & Referral process. This office has also compiled Frequently Asked Questions, as well as crisis resources into a comprehensive Maroon Folder.


The UMass Center for Teaching and Learning offers guidance in how to support students academically, and designing an inclusive syllabus.


Student Affairs and Campus Life has compiled a frequently used staff resources, numerous resources regarding diversity and active inclusion, and single-stop resources for students in need of specific assistance.