Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Staff Employment Opportunities

Provide a wide range of operational management and administrative support for the College of Information and Computer Sciences' Main Office in the Computer Science Building.  Assist faculty, staff, students, visitors, and guests.  Contribute to a positive, customer-service-oriented working environment.

The Assistant Director of Career Communities will support the College of Information and Computer Sciences' (CICS) mission of helping students discover, explore, and pursue professional experiences that contribute to the common good. This position will develop scalable career development strategies to support our 2,000+ CICS students and growing alumni population, in partnership with the Director and Assistant Director of Career Development. They will learn from, and partner with, the broad CICS community, while contributing to initiatives in collaboration with industry partners, diversity equity & inclusion staff, and a network of mentors.

Under the direction of the Director of Academic Advising and Student Success, provides comprehensive advising for the College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS) majors, exploratory track students, and interdisciplinary students from across campus pursuing the CS minor. 

Reporting to the College of Information and Computer Sciences Assistant Director of Communications and Content Strategy, the Communications Manager is responsible for the conceptualization, creation, production, editing, and marketing of content for a variety of platforms.  The Communications Manager will be part of a small team of communications professionals who support the college in the achievement of its vision, mission, and strategic goals, with an emphasis on raising the college's visibility and developing and sustaining an effective, unified message.

The Undergraduate Programs Manager (UPM) represents the Undergraduate Program Director in all matters pertaining to enrollment, records, and degree requirements. Provides leadership and direction for the College of Information and Computer Sciences' multiple majors and minors by supporting administration, student progress, and program and student excellence.