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Becoming a CS Major

The College of Information and Computer Sciences is proud of its strong commitment to undergraduate teaching. The College currently supports several pathways for students to join the CS major in addition to first year direct admission including on-campus and transfer admission. The program does not require prior programming experience, such as high school AP courses in computer science. Some students are admitted directly to the major when they apply for admission to the University. 

CURRENT UMASS AMHERST STUDENTS. UMass Amherst students who meet course and grade requirements may apply to join the computer science major. Applications are considered twice a year with deadlines preceding Spring and Fall registration periods. 

TRANSFER STUDENTS.  Students interested in computer science should apply directly to the University through the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  Transfer students who are not directly admitted to the computer science major but are accepted by the University may apply for admission using the procedure described above.

SECOND BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAM (Post Graduate).  We are no longer accepting students into this program.

For a list of contacts for further information on the undergraduate program, please visit our help page: https://www.cs.umass.edu/content/whom-do-i-contact-help


Computer Science Undergraduate Program
Computer Science Bldg, Room 100
140 Governors Drive
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-9264
phone: (413) 545-2744
fax: (413) 545-1249

If you are interested in Undergraduate Admissions, please contact:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
37 Mather Drive
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-9291
phone: (413) 545-0222
fax: (413) 545-4312