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M.S. in Computer Science 

Advance your career with a master's degree in computer science from one of the top computer science graduate programs in the nation. UMass Amherst's innovative, on-campus degree program will help you build sought-after skills and knowledge for research or industry. 

Concentration in Data Science 

For students interested in focusing their master's studies in data science, the college's Center for Data Science has developed a Concentration in Data Science. 

Concentration in Security 

The Concentration in Security provides students with a strong foundation in the technical aspects of information security with an emphasis on network, data, and software security. 


Admission is very competitive. We typically accept 10% of PhD applicants and 20% of master's applicants. Backgrounds vary: we have students from engineering, math, computer science, electrical engineering, psychology and social sciences. With such a diverse group, an emphasis is placed on student GPA and GRE scores along with letters of recommendation, the personal statement. For more information about admissions requirements, see our Application Instructions

The College expects that students starting work toward a master's degree have a solid undergraduate background in Computer Science.