Faculty Recruiting Support CICS


The Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences has long been recognized for its excellence in research and its commitment to technical innovation. We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment that attracts the brightest students and faculty. We believe our success stems from our strong commitment to collaborative, interdisciplinary research.

With strong support from the university, the college has embarked on a multi-year expansion of our faculty, programs, and student body. Our annual research expenditures exceeded $19.5 million in 2021, coming from private industry and all levels of government. The college maintains significant research collaborations with more than 30 industry-leading technology companies.

Our faculty have been recognized for their contributions to research through lifetime achievement awards, university awards, and highly cited papers. Our assistant professors have received 32 NSF CAREER grants; our faculty includes 44 fellows of major associations (ACM, IEEE, AAAI, AAAS); and our faculty includes at least six of the top 250 most-cited authors in computer science.

If you are interested in discussing options for partnering with our research teams, contact Shlomo Zilberstein, associate dean of research and engagement, at shlomo@cs.umass.edu

Our research is organized according to major areas of research and the centers and labs carrying out research.