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Undergraduate Degree Programs

The College of Information and Computer Sciences at UMass Amherst currently has approximately 850 active undergraduate students and about 40 faculty (and over 200 graduate students). Our incoming first-year undergraduate students have a strong academic background with an average GPA and SAT score of 3.9 and 1355 respectively. Students closely interact with the CICS faculty in classes, in research labs, and in a variety of academic events. Students also receive excellent advising from the College's individual faculty.

The College of Information and Computer Sciences offers a number of degree programs:

The Computer Science BS is focused on courses in our own College and is excellent preparation for a professional career or a graduate degree in computer science. The BS in Informatics and the BA in CS are interdisciplinary and include courses from other departments at UMass as part of the degree. These outside courses are chosen by the student, and they reflect our field's broad relevance. The minor is intended to complement another UMass major, and it consists of 5 courses total. If you are curious about becoming a CS student, see our pages on Why CS?  If you are curious about becoming an Informatics student, see Joining the Informatics Major.