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MS Program Advising

CICS Advising helps students pursuing their Master's of Science in Computer Science. Graduate students pursuing the Ph.D. should see their assigned advisor.


Schedule an appointment: Elizabeth Parolski is the MS Program Academic Advisor. Click here to make an appointment with Elizabeth. Appointments should be requested at least 24 hours in advance.  

You may also call CICS Advising (413) 545-4822 to make an appointment, or send Elizabeth an eparolski [at] umass.edu (subject: MS%20Advising%20Question) (email.)

Course selection & Planning Resources:

Fall 2021 CICS Grad Student Orientation- Page will have videos and links as of August 28th.

MS Requirements 

List of MS Core Classes

Course Load Survey- CICS Graduate Students were polled on the amount of time they spent on their classes. Results are from the January 2021 survey.

CICS Course Offering Plan
This is a plan in every sense of the word, things can change.

Pre-Approved Non-Computer Science Courses

Information about the Data Science Industry Mentorship Class- CS 696DS

MS Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For answers to commonly asked CICS MS questions check out the FAQ! The FAQ will answer your questions about taking a class Pass/Fail, which classes can be taken from outside CICS, and more! Bookmark this page, as it is updated frequently. FAQ

Independent Study FAQ

MS Concentration Information

Field Experience Concentration NEW for Spring 2021!

Data Science Concentration  For specific questions regarding the data science concentration please reach out to Professor Ben Marlin. 

Security Concentration    For specific questions regarding the security concentration please reach out to Professor Brian Levine. 

OPT & CPT Information

Semester-Time CPT Information for Fall 2021- Rules, processes, how to apply, and more

OPT Information for CICS Graduate Students

Summer 2021 CPT Information

How to Get Social Security Number

UMASS Support Resources

UMass Graduate Student Commons

UMass Student Resources Hub 
This site is a comprehensive list of the many UMASS Resources from Legal Services, to Off-Campus Housing Resources, and more! If you do not know where to start looking for things, start here! 

UMass University Health Services (UHS) Student Health Benefit Plan Explanations

UMass Center for Counseling & Psychological Health

UMass Office of Disability Support- What students need to report accommodations both in and outside of the classroom