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CS Departmental Honors

Undergraduate students in Computer Science or Informatics who are also Commonwealth Honors College students have the opportunity to satisfy the Advanced Scholarship requirement of their honors degree by completing the Computer Science Departmental Honors (DH) track. The core of the DH track is the Honors Thesis or Project (previously called the Capstone Project), which gives students the chance to work one-on-one with our faculty to complete a year-long, in-depth research project. The DH track is fantastic preparation for both graduate school and jobs in the high-tech industry.

The links below provide more information about admission to the CS Departmental Honors track, the program requirements, and the recommended time line and steps for completing the track. A listing of potential faculty advisors is provided and will be updated each semester. A link to the forms that must be filed with the Honors College to complete each step of the Departmental Honors track is also provided.

Any questions about the CS Departmental Honors track can be sent to the Honors Program Director  at askCSHonors@cs.umass.edu. The current CS Honors Program Director is Prof. Philip Thomas.