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CICS Writing Center

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students in CICS, the CICS Writing Center believes that CICS students’ writing and communications skills are vital to their academic and professional success. Strong writing and communication skills enable CICS students to explain the technical aspects of their work, making it more accessible to broader communities.

The Writing Center provides 1:1 conferencing for all academic writing as well as for professional and technical writing. Whether a student is trying to understand an assignment from a first-year writing class or fine-tuning a grant proposal, we support students wherever they are in the writing process—brainstorming ideas, conducting research, organizing paragraphs, revising for various purposes, understanding grammar, and producing academic writing in English. 

Hours & Location

Location: LGRC A310
Contact for Questions and Appointments: jobara [at] cs.umass.edu

Open to all CICS undergraduate and graduate students.

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If you need help with brainstorming, research, organization, revision, grammar, or academic writing in English, come on in!