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Graduate Program Forms

Independent Study

Students interested in an independent study need to discuss their proposed independent study with a faculty member prior to engaging in an independent study. Once approved by a faculty member, the student must complete the Graduate Independent Study Form (instructions are attached to the form).

Summer 2019 Independent Study Form

Fall 2019 Independent Study Form

Waiver of Core Requirements

Students who have taken courses that are nearly identical to those used to satisfy core requirements may request waivers of those core requirements using this form. Please fill out one copy of the form per request. If you are making multiple requests at the same time, the form must reflect the other requests.

.doc Template
.pdf Template

Synthesis proposal (MS/PhD or PhD-only)

A synthesis project is proposed using an on-line form. (You need a Computer Science username and password to access the form.)

PhD-only students do not need to do a Masters project, so should select "no" regarding combining the two.

If you are an MS/PhD student who is combining your synthesis and Masters projects (most MS/PhD students do), you must indicate that at the bottom of the on-line form. In that case you do not need to submit a Masters proposal also. If you choose not to combine the two, you must also fill out the Masters project proposal form.

Masters project (MS-only or MS/PhD)

For a stand-alone MS project, please submit the online override form.

If you are an MS/PhD student, you may combine your synthesis and Masters projects. In that case, you should just fill out the synthesis proposal on-line form.

Progress reports (all students)

All students are obligated to complete a progress report every January, sometime after grades from the Fall semester are known but before the first day of Spring semester classes. Students should login to the Graduate Student Database to access their individual progress reports.  NOTE: If you are asked for a password, and your CS password doesn't work, try logging in as GUEST.

Portfolio report (MS/PhD or PhD-only)

If you are submitting your portfolio, you may find this skeleton helpful. [Word template]

Change in Program Request form (Ms/Phd to Phd)

This form is for students who completed a MS degree elsewhere and have completed at least 1 semester of courses at UMass.

.doc Template

.pdf Template

Travel Grant Application

This form is for students who plan to attend a conference for an accepted paper. The amount of funding varies year to year and there is no guarantee of funding.  The GPD determines the amount you will receive.  Please be sure to include your employer ID number on the application (if you have one) as well as complete travel registration.

.pdf Template