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Schedule an Event

Scheduling an event can involve first reserving a room, than adding it to our CICS web Events Calendar, and even posting digital signage on the atrium display screens.  The links below will help you accomplish this.





Conference Room Information

Room Reservations/Cancellations

  • The CICS Dean and Chair's Office has priority over the use of the rooms.
  • Requests will be processed during normal business hours.
  • Reservations are requested a minimum of three days prior to the event.
  • To cancel a room that has been reserved, contact room-reservations@cs.umass.edu in advance of the meeting time.

Guidelines for use

  • Conference room tables should not be moved.
  • Chairs should be returned to their original position and pushed in neatly.
  • If food/drink has been brought into the room (only allowed in CS 150), you are responsible for wiping down the tables and removing all the trash from the room.

Key Access

In the event that a key needs to be signed out for a specific room (for after-hours access, e.g.), then please have the meeting organizer come to CSCF in the CICS building during normal business hours.

Conference Room List

Note: all rooms have a projector or wall mounted TV, and wifi access to the internet.  Telephone numbers are listed for the rooms that have them. As well as two common spaces listed on the form.

Computer Science 150 - 50 seats   

Computer Science 151 - 80 seats   

Computer Science 201 -  8 seats  - (wall mounted TV)

Computer Science 203 - 20 seats (reserved for Chair & Dean events)  - Telephone (413) 577-0400

Computer Science 243 - 10 seats  - OWL - Telephone (413) 577-0410

Computer Science 301 -  8 seats  - Telephone (413) 545-3917  - (wall mounted TV)

Computer Science 303 - 16 seats  - OWL - Telephone (413) 577-0409

Computer Science 343 - 10 seats  - OWL - Telephone (413) 577-0406

Lederle Lowrise A141  - 12 seats  - (wall mounted TV)

Lederle Lowrise A215  - 30 seats  - OWL - (wall mounted TV)

Lederle Lowrise A239   - 8 seats - (wall mounted TV)

Lederle Lowrise A268   - 10 seats - (wall mounted TV)

Lederle Lowrise A302   - 14 seats - - (wall mounted TV) 

Lederle Lowrise A311  - 30 seats  - OWL - Telephone (413) 545-3143

Lederle Lowrise A322   - 8 seats  - (wall mounted TV)