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Apply for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and join an exciting community of students preparing to be the next generation of innovators. 

Bachelor's in Computer Science (B.S. & B.A.)

The B.S. in Computer Science is based on a flexible set of degree requirements that allow students to use a breadth of CS courses to complete the degree. The B.A. is interdisciplinary and includes courses from another department at UMass as part of the degree, courses chosen by the student, and it reflects our field's broad relevance. 

B.S. Requirements
B.A. Requirements

Bachelor's in Informatics (BDIC) 

CICS is developing an Informatics major that complements our existing Computer Science B.S. and B.A. majors. The major, which studies computing as applied to other disciplines, is presently offered on a limited basis through the Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) program. 

Informatics Requirements

Computer Science Minor

The CS Minor is an excellent way for students to get a solid background in computer science, regardless of their chosen major.

CS Minor Requirements 

Information Technology Minor

The Information Technology Program at UMass Amherst seeks to educate a broad spectrum of students to be the leading IT practitioners and thinkers. 107 courses, offered by eight schools and colleges, contribute to our curriculum. 

IT Minor Requirements