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Whom do I contact for help?

Whether you are a current student in our program or a student that is interested in our program, we are here to help. To get in touch with the right people, please take a look at the following table.

Because we want to help, please email one contact ONLY as it applies to you.  Emailing multiple lists causes confusion and results in duplicate efforts for faculty and staff and a slower response time.

If this is who you are: Then:

You are not yet a student at UMass, but you want information about the Computer Science undergraduate program (not UMass
in general). This includes high school students and college students that wish to transfer into our program.

You are not yet a student at UMass, but you have been accepted to an Exploratory Track or another major and you have questions about your prospects for becoming a CS Major.

First:  Check out our web pages.

If you still have questions: futureugrads@cics.umass.edu

If you would like to drop by for a CS Tour, see schedule at this link.

You are a student at UMass already, and you want information about switching into our BS or BA degree. You have not yet applied to be in one of our degree programs.

First: Read our degree requirement pages:
BS and/or BA

If you still have questions: CSapply@cs.umass.edu

You are a student at UMass, and you have already applied to the BS or BA Computer Science degree program and you are considered an Applicant On Contract. You have no CS advisor but would like help.

Visit: CICS Advising Center
If you still have questions: UPD@cs.umass.edu

You are a student at UMass already, and you want
information about completing the Minor in Computer ScienceIT minor).

First: Read about the CS Minor

Then email to: askCSminor@cs.umass.edu

You are a student at UMass that has started taking classes for the Minor in Computer Science and would like help.

Email to: askCSminor@cs.umass.edu

You are a student at UMass with a declared Computer Science BS or BA degree, and you need advising help.

*Note:  During Advising/Registration Periods, students will meet with their assigned CS Advisors.  At other times during the semester, visit CICS Advising in LGRC A114.

*Email your advisor, listed on spire.

*You may also visit: CICS Advising Center

You are a primary CS Major at UMass and you need to contact the Undergraduate Academic Dean.

Email to: studentdean@cics.umass.edu

CICS Academic Dean
LGRC Lowrise, Room A114

You are UMass student or a visitor to UMass and would like information on the Commonwealth Honors College.

You have been already admitted to the Computer Science Honors track and need help. askCShonors@cs.umass.edu

If you would like information about our Master's or PhD programs, please see our pages on grad admissions.