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Vision, Mission & Values


We envision a world where computing enhances the well-being of our citizenry.



We deliver on the promise of computing by developing secure, fair, trustworthy, easy-to-use, and helpful technologies that advance science, improve our quality of life, and contribute to the progress of society. To meet these goals, we work across fields, collaborating with researchers and industry partners from many disciplines.


We educate a community of responsible innovators who are prepared to solve problems across industries leveraging computational thinking and technology. We provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue rewarding careers and do good in a rapidly changing world.


Excellence and Integrity in all our activities.

  • Innovative and deep research
  • A rigorous education, leveraging the latest pedagogical techniques
  • Leadership within the university, our professional communities, the Commonwealth, and the nation
  • High standards for ethics and personal responsibility
  • Continual improvement in all aspects of our college, leveraging data and innovation to drive our efforts

Open and Inclusive Collaboration in our research, teaching, and professional lives, within our College, across the University, or with external academic institutes and industry.

  • Consensus-driven governance processes in which all people have a voice
  • Commitment to free and open communications and treating people fairly
  • Embrace of the diverse people and perspectives vital to developing future leaders, producing creative ideas, and serving the common good
  • Commitment to the success of all members of our community

We value research, education, and service that create positive change in our world.