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Computing Facilities

The College of Information and Computer Sciences has over 1000 computer systems. These systems are maintained by the Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF). The computers are connected to a Gigabit switched network. The CSCF also maintains a wireless network (IEEE 802.11b/g/n and 802.11ac) that provides up to a 1.3Gbs connection to the department's switched ethernet network. The College of Information and Computer Sciences is connected to the campus via a high-speed link. The campus maintains a high-speed connection to the Internet.

The computing environment is primarily made up of UNIX systems along with a large number of Macintosh and Windows systems. Computer Science services are supported by multiple virtual server environments in high availability configurations, supporting around 25 virtual machines. Additionally there are approximately 50 research group servers including several Hyper-V and Xen virtual environments. Also supported are 5 large Clusters of Linux systems the most accessible one being the Swarm2 Cluster which consists of 3364 cores with over 400TB file system; the other research clusters consist of 70 cores with over a 25TB file system, 310 cores, 120 cores, and 118 cores. Swarm2 and Gypsum Compute Cluster information

For personal computing there are over 450 desktop and laptop computers running versions of Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows operating systems.

Printing needs are accommodated by more than 80 laser printers, including several high-speed, high-density duplex print servers, seven full-color printers, as well as a full-color poster printer.

The Educational Laboratory (EDLAB) systems are reserved for undergraduate and graduate course work. The Edlab has 30 IMACs (running MacOS/X) and 4 Linux systems (for remote access only) all supported by several servers. The EDLAB systems are mostly accessed remotely with the exception of consulting office hours in rooms 223 and 225 in the Lederle Graduate Research Tower (LGRT) and 5 systems are located in the CS Building undergraduate space.

Internal CICS Computing Facility Pages

Our internal computing facility web pages include details on changing passwords, computer and printer settings, as well as other helpful information for CICS graduate students, faculty, and staff. (requires CICS account)

The CSCF is Bronze Office Certified through the UMASS Campus Sustainablity Initiative Green Office Program. Please visit their pages to see how you can become certified.