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Graduate Admissions FAQ

Q. I'm attending a graduate program at a state college or university. Is it possible for me to transfer directly into the UMass Amherst computer science graduate program?

A. You must apply to the University's Office of Graduate Admissions through the normal application procedure. However, you may request a transfer of up to six credits taken at another college or university once you have been admitted into our program (as long as those credits have not been used to satisfy the requirements for another degree).

Q. I am a current CICS master's student applying to the CICS PhD program. Do I pay the application fee?

A. No, current UMass Amherst graduate students do not pay an application fee to any UMass Amherst graduate program. Please select "pay by check" and the Graduate School will waive the fee.

Q. What if my scores or letters don't arrive by the application deadline?

A. Applications received by the October 1st (Master's only) or December 15th deadlines will be reviewed when they are complete. If your application is submitted on time, any materials received later (e.g., TOEFL scores, transcripts, letters) will be added to the application when they arrive. Please keep in mind that this may delay the review of your application because the admissions committee will not review incomplete applications. The review process begins in October/January and our first admission decisions are made in late October for spring admission and January/February for fall admission. 

Q. Will the University accept copies of TOEFL scores?

A. Official reports issued by ETS will be required before full processing of that application will take place. In rare instances, the Graduate School will accept certified copies of these reports.

Q. I am an international applicant currently attending an American college. Will my TOEFL be waived?

A. Yes, if you have earned a degree or you have current enrollment as a full-time student who will have completed two academic years of college/university work in the United States prior to the date of anticipated entrance at the University of Massachusetts.


Q. Are the official paper transcripts necessary for my application? 

A. We will not review your application without at least a scanned copy of the unofficial transcripts. Upon receiving a formal acceptance to the MS or PhD program, you may mail or bring the official transcripts to the University graduate school prior to the first day of the semester you are entering.


Q. Where should I send my transcripts?

A. Official transcripts should be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions, 534 Goodell Building, 140 Hicks Way, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003.


Q. What are the average test scores and GPA of accepted applicants?

A. For PhD admissions, many factors affect application success far more than the GPA, including the applicant's research experience, the strength of the recommendation letters, and the statement of purpose.  Still, our accepted students' test scores and GPA tend to be high. GRE scores are no longer required for PhD applicants.

For MS admissions, 90% of our recent accepted students' GRE math scores were 164 or higher, GRE verbal scores were 158 or higher, GRE analytic writing scores were 3.5 or higher, and GPAs were 3.4 or higher.

We aim for all our students to have a TOEFL score above 100.


Q. What are my chances of getting an assistantship (financial aid)?

A. For PhD and MS/PhD track students, it is our policy to provide financial aid (assistantships) to those admitted students requesting it (with occasional exceptions). Stipends (9 month or 12 month) come in the form of Research/Teaching Assistantships. For example, stipends for the Academic Year 2019-2020 are $34,850.00 for 12 month appointments. PhD funding is contingent upon a student making adequate academic progress in their program. 

Effective with the cohort entering in Fall 2016, students in terminal master's programs in the College of Information and Computer Sciences are ineligible for assistantships in the college or elsewhere on campus. Exceptions can be granted only if supported by the Chair of the Faculty and approved by the Dean of the College, in extraordinary circumstances needed to meet instructional or research needs.

All MS students are eligible to apply for 4 hour per week, 15-week CICS grader appointments after their first semester. 

It is also worth mentioning that the cost of living is more affordable in the Pioneer Valley than urban areas which makes it easier to live on the level of support we offer.


Q. I've applied to your program and was not offered admission. I would like to reactivate my application. Is this possible?

A. If you wish to reapply, you'll need to submit a new application through the Office of Graduate Admissions, and pay the application fee. The application form asks whether you have previously made an application to the graduate school. In the paper form, this question is in Section II, under OTHER and on the on-line application, it's in #18. Be sure to indicate "yes" as well as the date or semester and year of your previous application. The College of Information and Computer Sciences keeps applications on file for two years. When your reapplication comes to our college, it will be so indicated on the front by the University's Office of Graduate Admissions. The graduate staff will then locate your file and integrate it with any new materials. Anything you wish to add must be sent through the Graduate Admissions Office. Please do not send materials directly to the College, as it only causes delays in reviewing your application.


Q. If I apply to the MS/PhD program and am not admitted, will I be considered for the MS only degree program?

A. We accept about 10% of our PhD applications. While we receive between 700-800 applications, we hope many of our outstanding MS/PhD applicants will consider our MS degree program. However, applicants would have to submit a GRE in the original application by the deadline in order to be considered for an MS admission.


Q. I've been accepted to the MS degree program but would like to be considered for the PhD program instead. Is this possible?

A. The policy of the Office of Graduate Admissions limits you to one application. You would need to withdraw your admission to the MS degree program and apply to the PhD program.  There are no guarantees of readmission to the MS degree program once the application has been withdrawn for that semester.