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Diversity & Inclusion

Let's Change the Face of Computing Together

We understand what it means to be the only one in the room. The only woman. The only person of color. The only one. 

At the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences, we believe that you belong in computing. We welcome and value all individuals, regardless of previous computer science experience, age, citizenship, disability, sex, gender identity, military experience, political views, race, religion, or sexual orientation, while maintaining an environment that celebrates, welcomes, and honors those differences. 

We're committed to supporting all our students through their journeys in computer and information sciences--especially students from identities and backgrounds that are still underrepresented in our field. Diverse perspectives on the challenges our society faces animate our vision of Computing for the Common Good. Your insight, talents, and skills are needed to protect and improve an ecosystem that relies on the combined efforts of the greatest technical minds, and we believe your place is here.

About the Office of Diversity and Inclusive Community Development

The Office of Diversity and Inclusive Community Development is committed to maintaining an environment that: celebrates, welcomes and honors differences; supports inclusivity, respect, and equity in all aspects of CICS and our community at large; and educates and fosters student leadership within our community.

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