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Offering Plan Exceptions - Academic Year 2020-2021
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SPRING 2021 - OVERRIDE Requests for CICS, COMPSCI and INFO courses

Process for students who require special permission to enroll in courses offered by the college.
There are CHANGES for some students, so please read Override Infomation to see how this affects you.

    Override Information  The Spring 2021 Override Form is available, as of November 24th.



    The following courses are in the process of being added (keep checking SPIRE to enroll):

    • Courses will be listed here once submitted to either the Registrar's Office or the Faculty Senate.

    The following NEW experimental courses are being reviewed by the Faculty Senate and will not appear on SPIRE until fully approved:

    • Courses will be listed here once submitted to the Faculty Senate.

    The following experimental course(s) has been approved by the Faculty Senate as a permanent course and will appear on SPIRE as soon as Course & Classroom Management has the opportunity to add the course:

    • Courses will be listed here once submitted to the Faculty Senate.


    Winter 2021 - Subject to change

    FALL 2020


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    Courses outside the College

    Additional computer science-related courses are also offered in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UMass and at nearby Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges. The Five College Course Catalog combines course schedule information from these colleges as well as UMass.