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Ranked among the top 20 programs in the U.S., our Ph.D. program features world-renowned faculty, interdisciplinary research and a spirit of collaboration.

Master of Science/Doctor of Philosophy (M.S./Ph.D.)

Most Computer Science graduate students are admitted in the MS/PhD track. That means they are intending to work toward a PhD, but will acquire a master's degree along the way. During the first stage of a student's graduate career, he or she will be simultaneously working toward the MS degree and compiling a portfolio, both of which are requirements of the PhD.

M.S./Ph.D students are required to pass 6 core requirements, complete 36 credit hours (credits include core courses taken to pass requirements), 18 Dissertation Credits, and a 6-credit MS Project (which can be applied to the 36 credit hours).

M.S./Ph.D. Requirements 
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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Students admitted into the PhD-only program usually arrive at UMass having already earned an MS degree at an accredited University.

Ph.D. students are required to pass 6 core requirements, complete 18 credits (credits include core courses taken to pass core requirements), and 18 Dissertation Credits.

Ph.D. Requirements 
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Admission is very competitive. We typically accept 10 to 15% of students applying to our graduate programs. Backgrounds vary: we have students from engineering, math, computer science, electrical engineering, psychology and social sciences. With such a diverse group, an emphasis is placed on letters of recommendation, the personal statement, and GPA.

The College expects that students starting work in the M.S./Ph.D. or Ph.D. tracks have a solid undergraduate background in Computer Science. Most doctoral students are supported by research or teaching assistantships.