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What is an Academic Advisor (and who to ask for help)
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Registration and Curricula

Course Registration
Late Withdrawal from a Course
CPT Application for International Undergraduate CICS Majors
Reading your SPIRE Academic Requirements Report

Academic Policies

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Get Assistance


UMass single-stop resources

This Guide includes "I need money", "I need housing", and "My family needs help". It is a great place to start when you don't know who to ask.



Your Undergraduate Course Assistants (UCA) are a great starting point for assistance in CICS courses! Check your syllabus for their contact information.

Instructor office hours are a time for students to speak with instructors about their courses. Check your syllabus or Moodle course page for office hours - and speak with an advisor if you want help understanding office hours and how to approach faculty.

CICS Tutoring Request

Individual tutoring from CICS students for classes such as CS121, 186, 187, 220, 230, 240, 250, & 311. If you are directed to a page that prompts you to log in, you do not need to make an account but instead you should look for a button to "Submit a New Ticket".

CICS Writing Center

Specialized writing support for CICS students.



Academic Skills Workshops

Subjects include time management, study skills, and exam prep.

Learning Resource Center (LRC) 

Individual tutoring, workshops on learning skills, supplemental instruction, assistance with research and taking notes, and other academic skills.

Math Tutoring Centers 

Get help in a range of math courses like pre-calculus and statistics.

Writing Center 

Helps writers in any academic discipline at any point in the writing process. In person or online.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutoring  

Provides support on any aspect of academic English including listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar.



CCPH Support Workshops: Includes topics such as stress, ADHD toolkit, managing social anxiety, self-esteem, relationship skills, grief and loss, perfectionism, and more. More groups are available here

CCPH Individual Therapy  Take advantage of sessions to help you understand your difficulties, develop coping skills, and be successful. Limited same day appointments may be available when you call at 8:30am.

Center for Women and Community Counseling: Offers general counseling, support groups, and specialized sexual assault services.  

Mindfulness & Mediation : Use these tools to help you stay calm, focused, and on track for academic success. 

Men and Masculinities Center: Offers general programming and support


Beyond Your Major

CICS Student Organizations : Build leadership skills and connections  to the CICS community by participatingin student organizations

Campus Pulse: Discover unique groups across UMass including sports, academic interests, and events

Study Abroad and Domestic Exchange : Learn more about education abroad and how to get started