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Study Abroad at CICS

You CAN GO Abroad!

View a recording of the Study Abroad for CICS Students information session led by Education Abroad Advisor AJ Leblanc.

Students interested in study abroad as a CICS major have many exciting opportunities. Pick from pre-approved coursework in several countries, or work with the International Programs Office (IPO) to select another location.

If you are interested in study abroad, follow these steps:

  1. Attend an Essentials for Study Abroad meeting through the International Programs Office (IPO)
  2. After attending Essentials, you are eligible to meet with an IPO advisor to discuss the possibilities
  3. Explore program options and locations on the IPO Education Abroad website.   
  4. Explore pre-approved course options. The Database for International Course Equivalencies (DICE) contains information on courses approved for credit in your CICS major (be sure to select the CICS tab at the bottom of the workbook).
  5. CS and Informatics majors follow different course approval processes:
    1. CS Majors, If you are taking courses outside of those approved in DICE, follow the Transfer Course Equivalency (TCE) process at CICS to see whether your courses are eligible for CICS major credit.
    2. Informatics Majors, regardless of choice selection, should meet with their advisor in CICS Advising to inform them of your plans. They will communicate your course requests to the Informatics program.
  6. After receiving your course approval results, meet with a CICS advisor for more information on how to fit this into your schedule, or if you want tips on preparing for your time away. See them again when you return to let them know how it went!


CICS students typically study abroad during their junior year - start planning early to be on track for graduation!