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Approved UMass Amherst Courses Outside of Computer Science

The following courses have been pre-approved to count toward the MS, MS/PhD, and PhD elective requirements, subject to any overall restrictions.


BIOSTAT 690B- Intro to Causal Inference

BIOSTAT 690JQ- Biostatistics Methods 3: Modern Applied

BIOSTAT 690NR- Biostatistics Methods 2: Applied Linear

BIOSTAT 690T- Applied Statistical Genetics  

BIOSTAT 730- Applied Bayesian Statistical Modeling

BIOSTAT 740- Mixed Models and Analysis of Longitudinal Data  

BIOSTAT 748- Applied Survival Analysis  

BIOSTAT 749- Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials  

BIOSTAT 790A- Causal Inference: special topics


DACSS 601- Data Science Fundamentals

DACSS 602- Research Design

DACSS 603- Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

DACSS 695SL- Social Life of Algorithms

DACSS 758- Text as Data

Courses not approved: DACSS 695C - Seminar Corporate Lobbying and the Global Economy


ECON 701- Microeconomic Theory

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 547- Security Engineering

ECE 556- Introduction to Cryptography

ECE 558- Intro VLSI Design

ECE 565- Digital Signal Processing

ECE 568- Computer Architecture

ECE 590C- Quantum Computing for Communication Networks

ECE 597- Math Tools for Data Science

ECE 597LS- Hardware Design for Machine Learning Systems

ECE 603- Probability and Random Processes

ECE 606- Electromagnetic Field Theory

ECE 608- Signal Theory

ECE 634- Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems

ECE 656- Introduction to Cryptography

ECE 671- Computer Networks

ECE 674- Green Computing

ECE 697A- Advanced Computer Networks and Wireless Systems

ECE 697BE- Introduction to Biosensors and Bioelectronics

ECE 697CS- Introduction to Compressive Sensing

ECE 697LP- Design Principles for Low Power Embedded Computer Systems

ECE 697LS- Hardware Design for Machine Learning

ECE 697SN- Online Social Networks

ECE 735- Stochastic Control Dynamic Systems

ECE 745- Advanced Communication Theory

ECE 746- Statistical Signal Processing

Information Security

INFOSEC 690F- Fraud Detection

INFOSEC 690R- Information Risk Management 

INFOSEC 690S- System Defense and Test **


LINGUIST 509- Introduction to Computational Linguistics

LINGUIST 510- Introduction to Semantics

LINGUIST 603- Generative Phonology

LINGUIST 606- Phonological Theory

LINGUIST 610- Semantics and Generative Grammar

LINGUIST 692C- Cognitive Modeling

Mathematics & Statistics

MATH 513- Combinatorics*

MATH 523H- Introduction to Modern Analysis

MATH 532- Topics in Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH 535- Statistical Computing

MATH 545- Linear Algebra for Applied Mathematics

MATH 551- Scientific Computing

MATH 605- Probability Theory

MATH 611- Algebra I

MATH 612- Algebra II

MATH 623- Real Analysis I

MATH 624- Real Analysis II

MATH 651- Numerical Analysis I

MATH 652- Numerical Solution of PDE's

Math 655- Biomed and Health Data Analysis

MATH 671- Topology

MATH 697CM: ST-Combinatorial Optimization

MATH 697FA: ST-Math Foundations/Probabalistic AI 2

MATH 697PA: ST-Math Foundations/Probabalistic AI

MATH 697U- Stochastic Processes and Applications

STAT 501- Methods of Applied Statistics

STAT 511- Multivariate Statistical Methods

STAT 525- Regression Analysis

STAT 526- Design of Experiments

STAT 535- Statisical Computing

STAT 597BD/Math 655- Biomed and Health Data Analysis

STAT 607- Mathematical Statistics I

STAT 608- Mathematical Statistics II

STAT 610- Bayesian Statistics

STAT 625- Regression Modeling

STAT 697ML- Statistical Machine Learning

STAT 697MV- Applied Multivariate Statistics

STAT 697TS- Time Series Analysis and Applications

STAT 697U Stochastic Processes and Applications  

STAT 708- Applied Stochastic Models and Methods

Courses not approved: STAT 506, 515 & 516

*MATH 513 is cross-listed with COMPSCI 575

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

MIE 532- Network Optimization

MIE 620- Linear Programming

MIE 670- Technical Project Management

MIE 684- Stochastic Processes in Industrial Engineering I

MIE 697U- Strategy-driven Engineering Innovation

MIE 724- Nonlinear & Dynamic Programming


Physics 564- Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Physics 605- Methods Math Physics

Physics 614- Quantum Mechanics I

Physics 615- Quantum Mechanics II

School of Management

SCH-MGMT 597 FA Foundations of Accounting

SCH-MGMT 602 Business Intelligence and Analytics

SCH-MGMT 644 Economic Analysis for Managers

SCH-MGMT 650 Statistics for Business

SCH-MGMT 657 Data Science for Business

SCH-MGMT 680 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

SCH-MGMT 697DM  Web Analytics for Digital Marketing

SCH-MGMT 697RT Artificial Intelligence for Business

Courses not approved: SCH-MGMT 597FF, 797FF, 697CV, 660, 609, 821 & 822

**This class is a computer science class as of Fall 2020. Therefore, if the class was taken as CS 590A Systems Defense and Test it is counted as a computer science class. 

Note: Any course not on this pre-approved list not count towards the MS degree. Exceptions may be granted, provided they are requested well before the end of the add/drop period and explicitly approved by the MS program director. Exception requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed to be approved. In order to request an exception, please do the following:

  • Send an email to the master's program director at mpd@cs.umass.edu and cc: Eileen Hamel, associate director of graduate programs (hamel@umass.edu). 
  • The subject line of the email should read "Outside Course Approval for..."
  • The body of the email should include a detailed syllabus and weekly schedule of the course as well as a description of the number and nature (e.g., programming or otherwise) of assignments and projects.