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Course Offering Plan

100-level Courses
COMPSCI105Computer Literacy3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI119Introduction to Programming3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI120Introduction to Problem Solving with the Internet3Fall
COMPSCI121Introduction to Problem Solving with Computers4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI145Representing, Storing, and Retrieving Information3Spring
COMPSCI186Using Data Structures4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI187Programming with Data Structures4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI197CSpecial Topics - Programming in C1Fall and Spring
COMPSCI197SSpecial Topics - Basics of Cybersecurity1Spring
COMPSCI197USpecial Topics - A Hands-on Introduction to UNIX1Spring
COMPSCI197WPSpecial Topics - Introduction to HTML/CSS1Spring
200-level Courses
COMPSCI220Programming Methodology4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI230Computer Systems Principles4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI240Reasoning Under Uncertainty4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI250Introduction to Computation4Fall and Spring
300-level Courses
COMPSCI305Social Issues in Computing3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI311Introduction to Algorithms4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI320Introduction to Software Engineering4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI325Introduction to Human Computer Interaction3Fall
COMPSCI326Web Programming3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI328Mobile Health Sensing and Analytics3Fall
COMPSCI335Inside the Box: How Computers Work3Fall
COMPSCI345Practice and Applications of Data Management3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI348Principles of Data Science3Spring
COMPSCI365Digital Forensics3Spring
COMPSCI370Introduction to Computer Vision3Spring
COMPSCI373Introduction to Computer Graphics3Spring
COMPSCI377Operating Systems4Fall and Spring
COMPSCI383Artificial Intelligence3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI390NInternet of Things3Spring
COMPSCI391LSeminar - Computer Crime Law and the Technologies of Investigation and Privacy3Fall
400-level Courses
COMPSCI403Introduction to Robotics: Perception, Mechanics, Dynamics, and Control3Spring
COMPSCI410Compiler Techniques3Even Fall
COMPSCI445Information Systems3Spring
COMPSCI446Search Engines3Spring
COMPSCI453Computer Networks3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI460Introduction to Computer and Network Security3Fall
COMPSCI474Image Synthesis3Even Fall
COMPSCI491GSeminar - Computer Networking Lab3Spring
COMPSCI491IPSeminar - Programming the iPhone and iPad3Even Fall
COMPSCI497CSpecial Topics in Computer Graphics3Spring
500-level Courses
COMPSCI501Formal Language Theory3Spring
COMPSCI503Embedded Computing Systems3Even Fall
COMPSCI513Logic in Computer Science3Odd Fall
COMPSCI514Algorithms for Data Science3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI520Theory and Practice of Software Engineering3Fall
COMPSCI529Software Engineering Project Management3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI535Computer Architecture3Spring
COMPSCI575Combinatorics and Graph Theory3Even Fall
COMPSCI585Introduction to Natural Language Processing3Fall
COMPSCI589Machine Learning3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI590BDetecting Interference in Networks3Even Spring
COMPSCI590CHuman Computer Interaction3Spring
COMPSCI590CCCloud Computing3Odd Fall
COMPSCI590FDigital Forensics3Spring
COMPSCI590IVIntelligent Visual Computing3Spring
COMPSCI590NIntroduction to Numerical Computing with Python1Fall
COMPSCI590RApplied Information Retrieval3Fall
COMPSCI590SSystems for Data Science3Fall
COMPSCI590VData Visualization and Exploration3Spring
COMPSCI591CFSeminar - Cybersecurity Lecture Series1Fall
COMPSCI591NRSeminar - Neural Networks and Neurodynamics3Even Spring
600-level Courses
COMPSCI601Computation Theory3Odd Spring
COMPSCI610Compiler Techniques3Even Fall
COMPSCI611Advanced Algorithms3Fall and Spring
COMPSCI620Advanced Software Engineering: Synthesis and Development3Fall
COMPSCI621Advanced Software Engineering: Analysis and Evaluation3Spring
COMPSCI631Programming Languages3Fall
COMPSCI635Modern Computer Architecture3Odd Fall
COMPSCI645Database Design and Implementation3Spring
COMPSCI646Information Retrieval3Even Fall
COMPSCI650Applied Information Theory3Even Spring
COMPSCI653Computer Networking3Odd Fall
COMPSCI660Advanced Information Assurance3Spring
COMPSCI670Computer Vision3Fall
COMPSCI677Distributed and Operating Systems3Spring
COMPSCI682Neural Networks: A Modern Introduction3Fall
COMPSCI683Artificial Intelligence3Spring
COMPSCI687Reinforcement Learning3Odd Fall
COMPSCI688Probabilistic Graphical Models3Spring
COMPSCI689Machine Learning3Fall
COMPSCI690AAApproximation Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization3Even Spring
COMPSCI690BDetecting Interference in Networks3Even Spring
COMPSCI690IVIntelligent Visual Computing3Spring
COMPSCI690LGAdvanced Logic in Computer Science3Odd Fall
COMPSCI690MMachine Learning Theory3Odd Fall
COMPSCI690NAdvanced Natural Language Processing3Spring
COMPSCI690OPOptimization in Computer Science3Odd Spring
COMPSCI690PEPerformance Evaluation3Even Fall
COMPSCI690TCoding Theory and Applications3Odd Spring
COMPSCI691DDSeminar - Research Methods in Empirical Computer Science3Odd Fall
COMPSCI691NRSeminar - Neural Networks and Neurodynamics3Even Spring
COMPSCI691OSeminar - Tools for Explanatory and Tutoring Systems3Fall
700-level Courses
COMPSCI745Advanced Topics in Database Systems3Even Spring
800-level Courses
COMPSCI890TTeaching Assistants as Tomorrow's Faculty1Fall
COMPSCI891MSeminar - Theory of Computation1Fall and Spring

CICS191CICS1CICS First Year Seminar1Fall
CICS191CICS2Computing and Informatics Exploratory RAP First Year Seminar1Fall
CICS191CMPS2CS Major RAP First Year Seminar1Fall
CICS290MMake: A Hands-on Introduction to Physical Computing4Spring

INFO101Introduction to Informatics3Fall
INFO150A Mathematical Foundation for Informatics3Fall
INFO203A Networked World3Spring
INFO397FSpecial Topics - Introduction to Data Science3Spring
INFO397GSpecial Topics - Creative Game Design and Development3Spring
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