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New Course Numbers

New Course Numbers

FALL 2023

COMPSCI 490A changed to COMPSCI 485 Applications of Natural Language Processing
COMPSCI 490STA changed to COMPSCI 426 Scalable Web Systems
COMPSCI 691DD Seminar-Research Methods in Empirical Computer Science changed to COMPSCI 602 Research Methods in Empirical Computer Science

sUMMER 2023

COMPSCI 497S Special Topics-Scalable Web Systems changed to COMPSCI 490STA Scalable Web Systems

spring 2023

CICS 197R Special Topics-Introduction to Data Analysis in R changed to CICS 109 Introduction to Data Analysis in R
CICS 210 Data Structures is a new course
CICS 397A Special Topics-Predictive Analytics with Python changed to INFO 348 Data Analytics with Python
COMPSCI 197Q Special Topics-Introduction to Structured Query Language changed to CICS 141 Introduction to Structured Query Language
COMPSCI 590J changed to COMPSCI 564 Cyber Effects: Reverse Engineering, Exploit Analysis, and Capability Development
COMPSCI 590K changed to COMPSCI 565 Advanced Digital Forensic Systems
COMPSCI 590W changed to COMPSCI 524 Health Informatics and Data Science
COMPSCI 690A changed to COMPSCI 625 Advanced Methods in Human Computer Interaction
COMPSCI 690Q changed to COMPSCI 648 Quantum Information Systems
COMPSCI 690RA Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Data Analysis Techniques changed to COMPSCI 614 Randomized Algorithms with Applications to Data Science
INFO 190S Introduction to Programming changed to CICS 110 Foundations of Programming
INFO 190T Introduction to Data Structures in Python changed to CICS 160 Object-Oriented Programming
INFO 390W changed to INFO 324 Introduction to Clinical Health Informatics

FALL 2022

COMPSCI 460 changed to COMPSCI 360 Introduction to Computer and Network Security
COMPSCI 529 changed to COMPSCI 429 Software Engineering Project Management
COMPSCI 597N changed to COMPSCI 560 Introduction to Computer and Network Security
COMPSCI 590CC Cloud Computing changed to COMPSCI 578 Distributed Computing and Systems


COMPSCI 390A changed to COMPSCI 389 Introduction to Machine Learning
COMPSCI 490S changed to COMPSCI 420 Software Entrepreneurship
COMPSCI 590A changed to COMPSCI 561 System Defense and Test
COMPSCI 590M changed to COMPSCI 550 Introduction to Simulation
COMPSCI 690OP changed to COMPSCI 651 Optimization in Computer Science
COMPSCI 690W changed to COMPSCI 654 Advanced Wireless Networking and Sensing in IoT

Fall 2021

COMPSCI 190F changed to CICS 108 Foundations of Data Science
COMPSCI 590G changed to COMPSCI 576 Game Programming
COMPSCI 590N changed to CICS 580 Introduction to Numerical Computing with Python
COMPSCI 890T changed to COMPSCI 879 Teaching Assistants as Tomorrow's Faculty

Spring 2021

COMPSCI 590E changed to COMPSCI 508 Ethical Considerations in Computing
COMPSCI 590U changed to COMPSCI 528 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
COMPSCI 590V changed to COMPSCI 571 Data Visualization and Exploration

FALL 2020

INFOSEC 690L changed to COMPSCI 563 Internet Law and Policy


COMPSCI 305 changed to CICS 305 Social Issues in Computing
COMPSCI 690N changed to COMPSCI 685 Advanced Natural Language Processing

FALL 2019

COMPSCI 690LG changed to COMPSCI 613 Advanced Logic in Computer Science


COMPSCI 490P changed to COMPSCI 461 Secure Distributed Systems
COMPSCI 590IV changed to COMPSCI 574 Intelligent Visual Computing
COMPSCI 690IV changed to COMPSCI 674 Intelligent Visual Computing
COMPSCI 690P changed to COMPSCI 661 Secure Distributed Systems
INFO 397F changed to INFO 248 Introduction to Data Science

FALL 2018

COMPSCI 690PE changed to COMPSCI 655 Performance Evaluation
COMPSCI 590R changed to COMPSCI 546 Applied Information Retrieval
INFOSEC 690S changed to COMPSCI 590A System Defense and Test (CPE Online Course)


COMPSCI 190D changed to COMPSCI 186 Using Data Structures
COMPSCI 590D changed to COMPCI 514 Algorithms for Data Science

FALL 2017

COMPSCI 590S changed to COMPSCI 532 Systems for Data Science
COMPSCI 697L changed to COMPSCI 682 Neural Networks: A Modern Introduction