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Pledge to Take Action Against Racism

As leaders and members of a college with considerable influence in computer and information sciences—and as community members of a university with significant impact on the culture and potential of the Commonwealth and region—we recognize our own complicity in maintaining a harmful status quo that continues to alienate historically marginalized populations. In keeping with our college’s vision, “Computing for the Common Good,” we must likewise live and support the common good by taking significant and immediate actions against racism and structural oppression in any form. We must also find and resolve systemic issues that prevent the creation of an environment that supports the success of all. As Robin DiAngelo puts it in her book White Fragility, “The antidote to guilt is action."

By working together, we can do more as agents of positive change. We pledge to educate ourselves, our college, and our university to recognize and work against structural racism, especially in our field and industry. 

By signing this pledge, we each commit to taking two antiracist actions—such as educating ourselves about systemic racism using in the resources made available through the CICS Antiracism Resources webpage, serving on a committee for racial equity at CICS, or participating in direct actions against racism.

Take the pledge

We Took the Pledge 

The following CICS community members have signed the pledge as of July 27, 2021. 

Laura Haas, Dean
Cecilia Ferrando, Student
Eileen Hamel, Staff
Phuthipong Bovornkeeratiroj, Student
Subhransu Maji, Faculty
Nader Akoury, Student
Ivon Arroyo, Faculty
Nicholas Perello, Student
Nisarga Patil, Student
Alicia Clemente, Staff
Neena Thota, Faculty
Jaime Dávila, Faculty
Corinne Greene, Student
Michelle Trim, Faculty
Joseph M. Spitzer, Student
Kenta Takatsu, Student
Cameron Musco, Faculty
Alyx Burns, Student
Matthew Hale Rattigan, Faculty
Neil Immerman, Faculty
Akanksha Atrey, Student
Maeve Newman, Student
Siobhan Mei, Faculty
Will Lee, Student
Erika Lynn Dawson Head, Staff
Dale Osef, Staff
Simon Andrews, Student
Kerry Shaw, Staff
Liza Bialik, Student
Jack Kenney, Student
Randy Barrios, Staff
Andrew Gorry, Staff
Emma Anderson, Staff
Jack Wileden, Faculty
Colette Basiliere. Student
Ben Conrick, Staff
Katie Smith, Staff
Anonymous, Staff
Anonymous, Student
Eliot Moss, Faculty
Jean Joyce, Staff
Peter Haas, Faculty
Sheshera Mysore, Student
Anonymous, Staff
Sean Folan, Student
Nicholas Monath, Student
Manzil Zaheer, Researcher
Anonymous, Student
Lawrence Tseng, Student
Anonymous, Alum
Patience Hartley, Staff
Sankaran Vaidyanathan, Student
Marco Serafini, Faculty
Dorota Glosowitz, Staff
Brian Levine, Faculty
Srisuma Movva, Student
Jesse Goodspeed, Student
Catherine Zhu, Student
Lee Spector, Faculty
Matt Lustig, Staff
Julie Stubbs, Staff 
Jessica Fill, Staff
Brian Lynn, Staff
Elizabeth Parolski, Staff
Jessi Johnson, Student
Brant Cheikes, Staff
Nancy Fontes, Staff
Jennifer Page, Staff
Pamela Stawasz, Staff
Anisha Pai, Student
Anonymous, Staff
Yvonne Crevier, Staff
Saiyyam Kochar, Student
Brian Krusell, Staff 
Justin Obara, Faculty 
Anonymous, Staff
Joyce Mazeski, Staff
Ananth Preetham, Student 
Laure Thompson, Faculty 
Anupama Sitaraman, Student 
Anonymous, Student
Ananya Gurjar, Student 
Hava Siegelmann, Faculty 
Narges Mahyar, Faculty 
Marius Minea, Faculty 
Lori Clarke, Faculty 
Eliat Tabak, Student
Erik Learned-Miller, Faculty
Delaney Brunvard, Student
Robert Powell, Student
James Allan, Faculty
Bhagawath Kantamneni, Student
Timothy Nguyen, Student
Anonymous, Student
Chirag Goel, Student
Janvi Tanniru, Student
Anonymous, Student
Caroline Ball, Student
Tim Richards, Faculty
Jim Flynn, Staff
Nitant Rimal, Student
Siddarth Jain, Student
Alyssa Lanter, Student
Yuwei Lin, Student
Rachel Gupta, Student
Anonymous, Student
Harshavardhan Reddipalli, Student
Katherine Avery, Student
Eva Chow, Staff
Shlomo Zilberstein, Faculty
Lauren Preston, Student
Pravini Silva, Student
Evan Walters, Student
Sophia Fortier, Student
Bryson Conway, Student
Andrew McCallum, Faculty
Jennifer Rogers, Staff
Kimberly Springer, Staff
Miranda Zhang, Student
Anton Koenig, Student
Anonymous, Student
Aishwarya Apsangi, Other
Ramesh Sitaraman, Faculty
William Richards Adrion, Faculty
David Jensen, Faculty 
Saakshaat Singh, Student 
Gautam Chatterjee, Student 
Kelsey Gregware, Student 
Martin DIckie, Student 
Nitya Aryasomayajula, Student 
Stephanie Jo Kent, Alum
Donovan Harrietson, Student