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Inclusion and Antiracism Initiative

To address the present threats and history of racism in academia and the computer sciences—and to build a truly safe, inclusive, equitable, and diverse college—CICS has initiated the process of creating an Inclusion and Antiracism Action Plan. Dean Laura Haas, representatives from the Office of Diversity and Inclusive Community Development, and over 100 students, faculty, and staff came together in forums beginning June 10, 2020 to establish community concerns and plan concrete actions to address them. As Dean Haas said, “We have work to do in our college, university, and society to combat racism and inequity.”

From those conversations, CICS has released a short-term plan to serve as a set of immediate action steps and a launching point for a long-term “Inclusion and Antiracism Action Plan.” 

Short-Term Action Plan 

  1. Schedule ongoing forums with the Dean on diversity, inclusion, and race.
    Status: Complete. See the events calendar for the complete schedule of dean's forums. 
  2. Create a list of resources and college-wide pledge for self-education on race.
    To complete by 7/02/20
    Status: Completed on 7/15. See Antiracism Resources and CICS Pledge Against Racism.
  3. Form a committee to create a roadmap and metrics for our journey.
    3a. Form committee by 7/2/20
    Status: Complete. See committee members, below. 

    3b. Roadmap/metrics available for comment by 9/1/20
    Status: In progress. 
  4. Form committees to address key topic areas in the roadmap.
    To complete by 9/15/20 (sooner if broad agreement on the topics)
    Status: Complete. The core members of the Committee Against Racism and for Equity have assigned over 40 volunteers to serve on sub-committees. 

Committee Against Racism and for Equity - CORE Members

Dean Haas has tapped faculty, students, and staff to lead our college's efforts to build a long-term Inclusion and Antiracism Action Plan. As the first steps, the Committee Against Racism and for Equity (CARE) core committee is tasked with developing a roadmap and milestones for this journey, as well as organizing our volunteers into sub-committees.

Nader Akoury, doctoral student  (co-chair)

Jaime Dávila, Senior Teaching Faculty 

Donna Falcetti, Assistant Dean of Administration & Finance 

Neil Immerman, Professor 

Corrine Greene, undergraduate student

Rachel Lavery, Grant Administrator  

Subhransu Maji, Assistant Professor 

Srisuma Movva, undergraduate student 

Dale Osef, Assistant Director of Career Development 

Nicholas Perello '18BS, '20MS, doctoral student  

Michelle Trim, Senior Teaching Faculty  (co-chair)

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Together, we can build a truly safe, inclusive, equitable, and diverse college. As a member of the CICS community, your efforts will have a big impact.

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