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The online M.S. in Computer Science is a flexible, fully online master’s program for busy professionals who want to solve big problems through computing. The program combines the academic rigor and high quality of our top-ranked in-person degree with the flexibility of an online program, allowing students to fit classes into their busy schedules. 

Online Options

100% online 

All courses are fully online, and many can be completed asynchronously. Most courses include opportunities for synchronous interaction with faculty.

Begin online, finish in-person

 Jumpstart your degree by taking four courses online, then come to campus for face-to-face courses and an in-person campus experience. This hybrid option may be of interest to international students seeking internships and other experiential learning opportunities in the United States. 

Try a class 

Take up to two online courses before applying to our program. If you later join the program, you can transfer the credits earned towards your degree. Learn how » 

Academic Program 

The online M.S. in Computer Science has the same degree requirements as the in-person program:

  • Four core requirements (at least one from each of these three areas: theory, systems, artificial intelligence)
  • A total of 30 credits in graduate-level computer science or related fields
  • Must include 12 credits in 600-level classes

See the Course Requirements page for details.


The online M.S. in Computer Science is designed to take two and a half to four years to complete, depending on how many courses you take per semester. New online courses will be added every year to ensure that students have access to our most popular master's level courses and can complete their degree requirements. The course schedule is subject to change. 

Asynchronous course lectures will be recorded and available on-demand. Synchronous course lectures will be held at designated times. 

Fall 2023