Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Informatics Data Science and Health and Life Sciences Concentrations

Core Requirements:

  • INFO 101:Introduction to Informatics*
  • INFO 150:A Mathematical Foundation of Informatics
  • COMPSCI 121: Problem Solving with Computers
  • COMPSCI 186: Using Data Structures
  • INFO 203: Networked World
  • STATS 240 (or equivalent): Statistics
  • INFO 248: Introduction to Data Science
  • CICS 305: Social Issues in Computing (JYW)
  • COMPSCI 325: Human Computer Interaction
  • COMPSCI 326: Web Programming (IE)

*credit given for a score of 4 or 5 on the CSP AP exam

Choose a concentration

Data Science Concentration Specific Requirements:

  • CICS 397A: Data Analytics
  • COMPSCI 345: Practical Applications of Data Management
  • Data Science Concentration Elective (pick one of the following): STAT 501, STAT 515, OIM 350
Health and Life Sciences Concentration Specific Requirements:
  • Pick Three from these Four Options:
    • INFO 390W Health Informatics and Data Science
    • BIO 379H: Genomics and Bioinformatics OR BIOL 597GE Evolutionary Genomics & Bioinformatics (Req Bio 152)
    • PUBHLTH 490Z: Statistical Modeling for Health Data Science OR PUBHLTH 460: Telling Stories with Data
    • CS 328: Mobile health sensing and analytics
  • Complete one of the following Ethics courses: PHIL 160: Intro to Ethics; PHIL 164: Medical Ethics, CS 508: Ethical Considerations in CS (req CICS 305); PUBHLTH 497: Research Ethics; HISTORY 264 History of HealthCare & Medicine in the U.S.

Choose 6 courses* from the preapproved list below and/or propose your own. (posted pre-reqs are waived for informatics majors ONLY for those elective courses that are underlined, although most of these classes do require "Junior" status. If an elective course in the list below is NOT underlined, posted pre-requisites as listed in Spire are required for that individual class).

BIOL 379H: Genomics and Bioinformatics (HLS)
BIOL 383H: Gene and Genome Analysis (HLS)
BIOL 497D; BIOL 497G (HLS)
BIOL 597GE Evolutionary Genomics & Bioinformatics (HLS)
CICS 344: Data Visualization and Analysis
CICS 397A - 01 ST-Predictive Analytics/Python
COM 497DB: Survey of Digital Behavioral Data
COM 497GP: Internet Governance & Information Policy
COMPSCI 328: Mobile health sensing and analytics (HLS)
COMPSCI 365: Digital Forensics (requires CS 230)
COMPSCI 383: Artificial Intelligence (requires STAT 515)
COMPSCI 490S: Scalable Web Systems
COMPSCI 508: Ethical Considerations in CS (req CICS 305)
COMPSCI 590V: Data Visualization and Exploration
ECON 309: Game Theory
ECON 452: Econometrics
ENGLISH 379, 380, 381, 382: Prof. Writing courses
ENGLISH 391C: Web Design (email instructor to join waiting list)
ENGLISH 491DS: Seminar- Data Science for the Humanities
INFO 390W: Health Informatics and Data Science (HLS)
INFO 490C: Intro to social and cultural analytics
MARKET 413: Social Media and Marketing Analytics
MARKET 455: Internet Marketing
MI-ENG 397DH: Fundamentals of Data Visualization
NRC 585: Intro to Geographic Information Systems
OIM 350: Business Intelligence and Analytics
OIM 454: Advanced Business Analytics
SOC 313: Survey Design and Analysis (HLS)
STAT 501; STAT 515; STAT 516; STAT 525; STAT 526

Descriptions for CS Courses.

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