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Room Reservation Request Form

This form is intented for CICS Community use ONLY.

To request the use of a CICS room,  please complete the form and click the submit button.  Room requests will be processed during normal business hours.  Please submit requests at least 3 days in advance.  Also allow time for setup and cleanup when needed.  If you have Classroom related requests please send email to Melissa Castro (mcastro@cs.umass.edu).  We will contact you shortly.

Two tents outside the CS Building are available to reserve from April 5 - May 31. Proper social distancing rules are posted and must be followed.

If you have any further questions,  please send email to room-reservations@cs.umass.edu.

Contact Info
Should include First and Last Name, e.g., Steve Jones
example: (413) 545-1100
Event Info
e.g., 06/12/2017, or, 08/22/2019-08/24/2019
e.g., 10:30am, 12:00pm, etc.
e.g., 11:30am, 4:00pm, etc.
Room Info
If you've selected 2 or more rooms, indicate if you need to reserve all rooms, or if you only need to reserve one (and indicate your preference). On rare occasions, you can request use of the classrooms (CS140/CS142/A310), note in the comments your needs.
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