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Fall 2023 Registration Updates

If you are unable to self enroll, please make sure to first READ YOUR ERROR MESSAGE AND THE CLASS NOTES IN SPIRE, then refer to this page for known issues/updates for Fall 2023 registration in CICS, COMPSCI and INFO courses.

If identified as an ongoing issue on this page, CONTINUE TO CHECK SPIRE.
as they are unable to assist you with registration issues.

Students needing special permission or who are still having unexpected issues enrolling should submit an override request via the online form: https://www.cics.umass.edu/overrides


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COMPSCI 426 (previously 490STA)

COMPSCI 589 [prerequisite Transfer credit]


CICS Courses


CICS 210 [lab sections]

CICS 256 [Transfer Students]

CICS 305 [ENGLWRIT 112 Waiver & Covid Semester P's]