Informatics Data Science Track

From economics to voting, from astronomy to epidemiology, the analysis of massive quantities of relevant data has become a distinguishing feature of modern life. The Informatics / Data Science track is designed to teach students about the alternative ways to analyze, visualize, and reason about enormous quantities of information.

CDC Maps and Graphs of 2014 Ebola Outbreak


Data Science Track Required Courses

       COMPSCI 326: Web Programming

       COMPSCI 345: Databases

       Statistics (Stats 240; ResEcon 212; Psych 240; Soc 212; OIM 240...or other introductory stats course)

       INFO 397F: Intro to Data Science  

Data Science Track Elective Course Options (choose 4*)

       COMPSCI 390MB: Mobile Health Sensing and Monitoring

       JOURNAL 397DJ: Data Driven Storytelling

       OIM 301: Operations Management (requires RES ECON 212 or STATS 240)

       OIM 453: Business Intelligence and Analytics (Requires OIM 301)

       Marketing 301: Introduction to Marketing

       Marketing 455: Internet Marketing (requires Marketing 301)

       SCH-MGMT 397B: ST: Internet Tech and E-Business

       PUBHLTH 490ST: Telling stories with data: statistics, modeling, and visualization

       STATS 501: Methos of Applied Statistics  

       STATS 515: Statistics I (requires MA 233; STATS 240 or equiv.)

       STATS 516: Statistics II (requires STATS 515)

       More coming soon!

       *Students may propose an elective

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