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Ten CICS Faculty and Staff Present at SIGSE TS 2024


Ten Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS) faculty and staff led a diverse range of activities, including research presentations, talks, and workshops during the SIGCSE TS 2024 conference held in Portland, Oregon, March 20–23, 2024.  

The Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE TS) offers a forum for educators to address common problems encountered when developing, implementing, and evaluating computing problems and courses. As the flagship conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), it provides a platform for sharing innovative ideas for syllabi, laboratories, and other facets of teaching and pedagogy.  

Research presentations 

“Digging Data: Using Archaeology to Teach Responsible Data Practices in a Study Abroad Context” 
Michelle Trim, Anthony Tuck, Matthew Rattigan, and Cole Reilly 

“Effect of Deadlines on Student Submission Timelines and Success in a Fully-Online Self-Paced Course” 
Joe Chiu, Eliot Moss, and Tim Richards  

“Evolution of an Integrated, Elementary CSforAll Curriculum” 
Rick Adrion and Emrah Pektas 

Talks and workshops  

ACM SIGCAS Presents: What Kind of World Should Computing Build? 
Michelle Trim, Samuel Mann, Richard Blumenthal 

Effective DEI Committees: Sharing and Refining Key Practices  
Erika Dawson Head, Colleen M. Lewis, and Luther Tychonievich 

Integrating Parallel and Distributed Computing in Early Computing Classes 
Alan Sussman, Sushil Prasad, Chip Weems, Sheikh Ghafoor, and Ramachandran Vaidyanathan  

The NSF Project Showcase  
Tamara Nelson-Fromm, Mia Minnes, Monica McGill, Neena Thota, and Bill Tomilnson