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CICS Adds Five New Faculty in 2019

CICS has appointed five new tenure-track and teaching faculty in 2019. These new hires will amplify the college's research in educational systems and human-computer interaction. The college hired nine new faculty in 2018.

In addition to the new faculty listed below, Cameron Musco was hired as an assistant professor in 2018 and will arrive on campus this September.

Matthew Rattigan, Teaching Faculty & Director of Research Programs at the Center for Data Science​
Starting September 2019

Before joining CICS, Matthew Rattigan co-founded Edgeflip, a data-intensive social media startup serving social good organizations, and previously led Obama For America's targeted social media efforts. His current research focuses on applying data science techniques to workforce data held by industry and government organizations. He received a BA from Wesleyan University, and an MA and PhD in computer science from UMass Amherst. In Fall 2019, Rattigan will be teaching CICS 383: Artificial Intelligence.

Jaime Dávila, Senior Teaching Faculty​
Starting September 2019

Jaime Dávila’s research focuses on neural networks performing human-like tasks. He is currently using neural networks and deep learning to study human morpho-semantic processing theories. Before joining CICS, Dávila was an associate professor of computer science at Hampshire College. He holds a BS in computer engineering from the University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez and a PhD in computer science from the City University of New York. In Fall 2019, Dávila will be teaching CICS 383: Artificial Intelligence and INFO 150: A Mathematical Foundation for Informatics.

Ivon Arroyo, Associate Professor
Starting January 2020

Ivon Arroyo specializes in learning sciences, computer science and educational/cognitive psychology. Her expertise is in the design of novel technologies for mathematics learning and assessment for K-12 students. Before joining CICS, Arroyo was an associate professor of social science and policy studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She holds a BS in computer science from Universidad Blas Pascal in Argentina, and received both an MS in computer science and an EdD in math and science education from UMass Amherst.

Ali Sarvghad, Research Assistant Professor​
Starting September 2019

Ali Sarvghad's research investigates novel visualization and interaction techniques for supporting exploratory data analysis and sense-making. Prior to joining UMass, Sarvghad was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Diego where he worked on designing and implementing exploratory data analysis solutions for understanding HIV transmission patterns and characteristics. Sarvghad holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Victoria, Canada. He received a master’s of software engineering from the University of Malaya in Malaysia and a bachelor’s in computer science from University of Science, Malaysia.

Yair Zick, Assistant Professor​
Starting September 2020

Zick is currently working on various problems at the intersection of game theory, machine learning, transparency, and privacy. In particular, he is interested in the interplay between differential privacy and model explainability. He also works on learning game-theoretic solution concepts from data, with a particular interest in market equilibria and coalition formation. Zick is currently an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore's School of Computing. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. He completed his PhD at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.