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CS Course Repeat Petition Form

The Course Repeat Petition is used ONLY to request permission to take a course for the THIRD time.

Petitions for the following semester may be submitted once Course Registration is open for that semester (e.g., in November for Spring semester) and must be submitted three weeks before the first day of classes.

Student Information
Course History Information
List the catalog number and title for the course you are asking to repeat as well as giving the semester and sections that would be your first choice for the upcoming semester.
e.g., CMPSCI 105
e.g., Introduction to Programming
The FIRST time you took the class, e.g., Fall 2018
The SECOND time you took the class, e.g., Spring 2019
Desired Class Information
Please indicate when you plan to take the class for the third time, e.g., Fall 2020.
This is the 5 digit class number for the specific class or section you wish to repeat.
If necessary, include the 5 digit class number for the specific lab you wish to repeat.