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Joining the Informatics Major

Why join informatics?

Informatics can mean different things to different students. Its flexibility allows students with varying disciplinary and career goals to find their niche at various intersections of science, the arts, social science, business and computing.

Ways To learn more about Informatics

There are several ways to learn what informatics is all about. Interested students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of at least one of these opportunities before submitting an application.

  • Speak to a peer advisor
  • Visit the CICS advising Office
  • Take an informatics required class (INFO 101, CICS 110, INFO 203 are all places to learn more about informatics)

Applying to the Informatics Major

Informatics is one of the majors on campus that requires an application; that means that interested students must submit an application in order to join the major. The application will ask for a short essay, an informal transcript that can be easily generated by Spire, and some basic information such as GPA. Interested students may apply at any time, and applications received by the following due dates are guaranteed for consideration that semester. Reapplications are welcome.

In addition to other considerations, the minimum requirements for acceptance* are:

  • A grade of C or better in INFO 150 (or COMPSCI 250 or MATH 455)
  • A grade of C or better in CICS 110 (formerly COMPSCI 121 or INFO 190S)
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher

*students with special situations and those who anticipate fulfilling these minimum requirements within a reasonable timeframe (typically one semester) may be offered a contract which offers enrollment in the major contingent on meeting specific conditions.

Link to application form


  • Applications received by Dec 15 will be considered for the following Spring semester admissions to the major*
  • Applications received by May 15 will be considered for following Fall semester admissions to the major

*Applications received 2 weeks before class registration begins (typically around midterm) will be eligible for a preliminary review to identitfy those students immediately eligible for acceptance so that they can have access to advising support before registration, either via peer advisors or faculty/staff advisors


Applications are processed at the end of each semester, after final grades have posted. This means that students who apply for Spring admission can expect to receive a decision sometime in January and students who apply for Fall admission can expect to receive a decision sometime in June.