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Informatics Student Profiles

Why Students Love informatics...

Informatics can mean different things to different students. Its flexibility allows students with varying discipinary and career goals to find their niche at various intersections of science, the arts, social science, business and computing.

Arianna Kazemi


"What I've learned in my informatics classes has applied itself to all my other classes. I can see myself doing my visualizations differently, even in my laboratory classes for my biochemistry degree. I really like the idea of being able to apply computer science to biochemistry." - Arianna Kazemi '20


 Daniel Coley


"I really like data. I like visualizing data. I love graphs. I like seeing maps and everything about data percentages, the stuff that I always thought was really cool. And I really like working with SQL, seeing all of a database. It seems very simple, but you can do a lot with it." - Daniel Coley '19


Zenry Padua


"The informatics program is using my computer science in a way where it can be applied to other things, like recognizing trends, or figuring out how to provide food to people who are starving." - Zenry Padua '21


Sarah Manlove


"As an informatics major, I've had the opportunity to take so many different electives in different areas, including technical writing classes. So computer science can be about: not only, how are we building this, but how can we explain this to people who are going to use it? I think that makes us better software engineers, better data scientists." - Sarah Manlove '20