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CICS Tours for Prospective Undergraduates

UPDATED 3/16/2020

We are so pleased you are interested in joining the CICS community! At this time all in-person information sessions have been cancelled for the semester. We are sorry that we cannot meet you in person. We hope to offer online chats with current students and will update this page as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, please send any questions to futureugrads@cics.umass.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!


Advanced Placement Tests: Information on how scores transfer to UMass

Careers information for prospective students is available at this link










> Schedule a CICS Tour

CICS "tours" (information sessions led by a CICS student rather than traditional tours) are intended for prospective students who are either in high school or transferring from another college or university.

We also offer virtual sessions if you are not able to come to campus. To schedule one, or for any questions about in-person tours and academic opportunities at the College of Information and Computer Sciences, email futureugrads@cics.umass.edu.

Please note: Our schedule follows the UMass Academic Calendar and tours are available only on days when classes are in session. Please note tours will be canceled in the event of University closures (for inclement weather, etc). We are closed on holidays and weekends.