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Filip Rozpedek

Assistant Professor


Quantum information theory, quantum optics, quantum communication, quantum networks, quantum repeaters, quantum cryptography, quantum error correction, entanglement distribution and routing, entanglement distillation, quantum key distribution


Filip's research focuses on designing novel quantum communication, quantum repeater and quantum network architectures. In his research he combines various techniques from quantum information theory, mathematical optimisation, quantum optics as well as physics of quantum devices in order to bring closer the realisation of practical quantum networks. One such strategy that has been a focus of Filip's recent research is the use of bosonic quantum error correcting codes for quantum repeaters. Filip has been also actively involved in modelling proof-of-principle quantum repeater experiments and optimizing entanglement distillation schemes.


PhD in Quantum Information Theory from Delft University of Technology (2019), Master in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from University of St Andrews (2014).  Filip will join the College of Information and Computer Sciences of the University of Massachusetts Amherst as an Assistant Professor in fall 2023. He is currently a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago.

Activities & Awards

Filip is actively involved with the NSF Center for Quantum Networks. During his PhD he contributed to the European quantum network development efforts within the Quantum Internet Alliance, a consortium within the EU Quantum Flagship. Filip is also active in outreach and knowledge dissemination; recently he was involved in designing a Quantum Key Distribution demonstration, The Quantum Photo Booth, which run on the IBM quantum hardware and which was presented at APS March Meeting 2022. He has served as a reviewer for major conferences and journals in physics and quantum information science as well as acted as an independent expert for IEEE Spectrum.