Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Ian Raphael

Associate Dean of Finance & Administration


Ian Raphael (he/him), MPA, CRA is the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration. He provides critical direction and leadership to all faculty, staff, and researchers throughout the College. On behalf of the Dean, he  analyzes and addresses issues of organizational efficiency, guides CICS through strategic planning processes, and manages the implementation of action items through detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the structure, operation, strategies and objectives of the organization. The Associate Dean supervises the Director of Finance and their team, as well as the largest team of Research Administrators at UMass Amherst.
Previously, Ian was the Director of the Office of Research Project Management and Training in the Office of Research and Engagement. In addition, Ian has 25 years of administrative experience working at a variety of organizations including Stanford University, Penn Medical School, and the University of Vermont.