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Pranathi Rao Bora

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Career Developer


Pranathi Rao Bora is a Career Developer with CICS Careers. She is a graduate student at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences. Her main areas of interest are Software Engineering and Data Engineering. Prior to beginning her Masters degree, she was working as a software engineer at Deutsche Bank. During her undergraduate studies, she worked on a research project centered around compilers and programming languages at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay for over a year.

As a Career Developer, Pranathi wishes to help students navigate the tumultuous journey of the job/internship search by providing exceptional resources and advice while keeping their preferences and strengths in mind. She wants to continue fostering a positive community for students to lean on in good times and bad. She aims to apply her professional skills to support her peers in reaching their goals.

In her spare time, she likes baking all kinds of sweet treats, traveling, and dancing to Bollywood music!