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Donghyun Kim

Assistant Professor


Robotics, Legged Locomotion, Dynamics and Control, Vision Sensing, Machine Learning 


Donghyun has been focusing on developing control architectures for dynamic legged robots. He emphasizes the experimental validation of the developed formulations and the discussion of fundamental problems in robotic systems operating in the real physical world. He devises control systems including sensing, planning, and feedback controllers by accounting for robot dynamics, real-time constraints, and hardware limitations. Donghyun is extending the research field to perception and machine intelligence to make the robotic system more dynamic and versatile. His ultimate goal is to build robots that can rapidly and autonomously explore over all-type terrains like humans and animals.


Donghyun joined the faculty of the College of Information and Computer Sciences as an Assistant Professor in 2021. Prior to joining UMass, he was a postdoctoral research associate in the Biomimetic Robotics Lab, MIT, from 2019 to 2020. Donghyun was a postdoctoral research associate in the Human-Centered Robotics Lab, the University of Texas at Austin, in 2018, where he received his Ph.D. degrees in 2017. He holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Seoul National University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from KAIST, Korea.

Activities & Awards

Donghyun awarded the best paper award in Transactions on Mechatronics in 2020. His work published in Transactions on Robotics in 2016 is selected as a finalist of the best whole-body control paper and video. Donghyun has served as a reviewer for major conferences and journals in robotics and control.