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Antony Hosking

Hosking's Photo
Research School of Computer Science, Australian National University
Adjunct Professor


Programming language design and implementation.


Professor Hosking work on problems arising in software security, object persistence, object databases, distribution, memory management (garbage collection), managed language runtimes, language virtual machines, optimizing compilers, object persistence, object databases, distribution, memory management (garbage collection), and architectural support for programming languages and applications.


Professor Hosking studied at the University of Adelaide, the University of Waikato, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, receiving BSc (1985), MSc, and PhD degrees, respectively. He joined the faculty at Purdue University in 1995, where he held tenure until 2017.  He was appointed Professor in 2015 at the Australian National University in the Research School of Computer Science.


Activities & Awards

ACM Distinguished Scientist, 2012.