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Darlene Fahey

Darlene Fahey
Administrative Assistant - Academic Programs


As the undergraduate program manager, Darlene Fahey manages all administrative aspects of the multiple undergraduate-level academic programs both present and planned, including the B.A., B.S., IT minor, informatics degree, certificate program(s), and interdisciplinary programs such as X+CS, available in the College of Information and Computer Sciences.  Responsibilities include development and implementation of a variety of policies, procedures, and programs to ensure optimal administration, enrollment management, and academic course scheduling.

After earning a B.S. degree in communication disorders from Worcester State College, a career choice change to records management resulted in subsequent positions at registrar's offices at both Central New England College of Technology and Framingham State College.  Following relocation to Western Massachusetts in 1994, a temporary position as the receptionist in the Computer Science Main Office offered a new opportunity, followed by a permanent hire, in support of the CS undergraduate program and course scheduling.  After 5 years away, Fahey returned to UMass in 2007, reassuming the role of undergraduate program manager.