Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Laurie Downey

Grants and Contracts Coordinator
252 CS Building


Currently, I am the Grants and Contracts Coordinator for eight faculty members within our College.  Profs. Erik Learned-Miller and Subhransu Maji, who are co-directors of the Computer Vision Laboratory;  Profs. Emery Berger and Arjun Guha co-directors of the Programming Languages and Systems at Massachusetts Laboratory;  Prof. Roderic Grupen, Director of the Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics;  Profs. Eliot Moss and Charles Weems, both with the Architecture and Language Implementation Laboratory; and Dr. Tim Richards  Director, Senior Teaching Faculty & Undergraduate Program.

I have an Associates Degree in Medical Administration from Greenfield Community College, 1978.  I came to the University in January, 1979, working for the Psychology Department, then in 1980 with Greek Affairs.  In 1984, I started with the Computer and Information Science Department (COINS), located on the second floor of the Lederle Graduate Research Center Lowrise.  There, I worked with two faculty members as Administrative Assistant, Profs. Edward Riseman (deceased) and Allen Hanson, co-founders of the Computer Vision Laboratory.