Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Laurie Downey

Grants and Contracts Coordinator
252 CS Building
(413) 545-2746


Laurie Downey is the Grants and Contracts Coordinator for eight faculty members within the College.  Profs. Erik Learned-Miller and Subhransu Maji, who are co-directors of the Computer Vision Laboratory;  Profs. Emery Berger and Arjun Guha co-directors of the Programming Languages and Systems at Massachusetts Laboratory;  Prof. Roderic Grupen, Director of the Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics;  Profs. Eliot Moss and Charles Weems, both with the Architecture and Language Implementation Laboratory; and Dr. Tim Richards  Director, Senior Teaching Faculty & Undergraduate Program.

Downey has an Associates Degree in Medical Administration from Greenfield Community College, 1978.  She came to the University in January, 1979, working for the Psychology Department, then in 1980 with Greek Affairs.  In 1984, she started with the Computer and Information Science Department (COINS), located on the second floor of the Lederle Graduate Research Center Lowrise.  There, she worked with two faculty members as Administrative Assistant, Profs. Edward Riseman (deceased) and Allen Hanson, co-founders of the Computer Vision Laboratory.