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Cyrus Cousins

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Known to some as The Count of Monte Carlo, Cyrus Cousins studies all manner of problems involving sampling, randomization, and learning in data science and beyond, with a particular interest in uniform convergence theory, and the rigorous treatment of fair machine learning.  He is currently working with Yair Zick as a postdoctoral researcher under the CDS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, and formerly served as a visiting assistant professor at Brown University under the Dean's Faculty Fellowship, where he also completed his doctoral studies under the tutelage of the great Eli Upfal. Cyrus was awarded the Joukowsky Outstanding Dissertation Prize (in the physical sciences) for his dissertation, "Bounds and Applications of Concentration of Measure in Fair Machine Learning and Data Science," and before arriving at Brown University, he earned his undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics, and biology from Tufts University.