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Guus Avis

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Guus Avis is a postdoctoral researcher specialized in the analysis and design of quantum networks. One of his interests is investigating how real-world imperfect quantum hardware can best enable useful network protocols, which requires a combination of device physics and protocol design.

After obtaining both a Bachelor of Science in physics and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy at the University of Groningen, Guus went on to obtain a Masters in Science in theoretical physics from the University of Utrecht, where he specialized in cosmology. For his doctoral studies, Guus switched to the exciting field of quantum technology and joined the Delft University of Technology. There he obtained his PhD on quantum networks under the guidance of Stephanie Wehner, working as a part of both QuTech and the Quantum Internet Alliance.

After graduating, Guus has left The Netherlands to experience what it is like to live above sea level. At UMass Amherst, under the wing of Stefan Krastanov, Guus continues to contribute towards making quantum networks a reality.