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Ivon Arroyo

Ivon Arroyo


Multimedia learning, wearable and mobile devices for learning, mathematics education, computer science education, development of abstract thought, K-12, affect and learning, culturally-congruent technologies for learning, instructional strategy, didactics in learning systems, learning with novel technologies, intelligent tutoring systems, personalized learning systems, individual differences, learner characteristics and learning, educational data mining, and student modeling.


A true hybrid across disciplines, Ivon Arroyo specializes in learning sciences, computer science, and educational/cognitive psychology. Her expertise is in the design of novel technologies for learning and assessment for K-12 students studying mathematics.

Arroyo's team creates intelligent tutoring systems that automatically assess students' math skills, affective states and metacognitive states, respond to students on the spot, and report strengths and weaknesses to the teacher--in real time, as students are working on computers or mobile devices.

Her group also works on wearable learning and computational thinking, including the use of mobile electronic devices for students to design, develop and play multiplayer physically active embodied math games.

Professor Arroyo enjoys teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level because of the opportunity to impart knowledge and skills to students, as well as the opportunity to mentor a new generation of learning scientists that have dual strengths in computation and core learning sciences--allowing for an invaluable combination of technological innovation with theoretical knowledge of how people learn.

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Ed.D. Math and Science Education University of Massachusetts Amherst 2003
M.S. Computer Science University of Massachusetts Amherst 2000
B.S. Computer Science Universidad Blas Pascal, Argentina 1995

Activities & Awards

  • Best paper award, 2009 - 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • Best paper award, 2010 - 3rd International Conference on Educational Data Mining
  • Nomination to Best paper award, 2010 - 10th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Fulbright Fellow, 1996 - Fulbright Masters Program
  • First prize at the XXIII JAIIO undergraduate student-level contest, 1994 - SADIO (Argentine Society of Informatics), for the research and development project on COMPUTER VISION