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Six CICS Papers Receive ACM SIGIR Test of Time Awards

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The ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (SIGIR) Test of Time Award, established in 2014, "recognizes research that has had long-lasting influence, including impact on a subarea of information retrieval research, across subareas of information retrieval research, and outside of the information retrieval research community (e.g. non-information retrieval research or industry)."

In 2016, a ten-person committee selected pre-2002 papers to each receive a SIGIR Test of Time Award. Six papers written by CICS faculty and alumni from the college's Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval received awards. Papers honored include:

2001   Relevance based Language Models V. Lavrenko & W. B. Croft
1998   A Language Modeling Approach to Information Retrieval J. M. Ponte & W. B. Croft
1998   On-line New Event Detection and Tracking J. Allan, R. Papka & V. Lavrenko
1996   Query Expansion using Local and Global Document Analysis J. Xu & W. B. Croft
1995   Searching Distributed Collections with Inference Networks J. Callan, Z. Lu & W. B. Croft
1990   Inference Networks for Document Retrieval H. Turtle & W. B. Croft


In addition, two CIIR papers were chosen for SIGIR Test of Time Award Honorable Mention (for papers 10-12 years before):

2003   Automatic image annotation and retrieval using cross-media relevance models (awarded at SIGIR 2015) J. Jeon, V. Lavrenko, and R. Manmatha
2002   Predicting query performance (awarded at SIGIR 2014) Steve Cronen-Townsend, Yun Zhou, and W. B. Croft